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Hi, I'm Jacquie creator of Organise 360.

Organise 360 has been developed to support the dream of living simply and realising your full potential. Freeing yourself and your family from the burden of clutter and stress.

I LOVE organising my own home! To me, organising is so much more than stashing belongings away into storage boxes. Organising is getting rid of excess "stuff", items you no longer love or need, are broken or holding you back. I find great satisfaction and sense of relief when I decide to let go of things I've been holding on to. It provides a sense of clarity and freedom I find addictive.

Visitors always comment on how organised and well-presented our home is, even with having a one year old to look after. Truth be told, I haven't always been this way and my parents and husband will happily attest to this. I used to keep piles of clothes and stacks of paper around the home, it's by decluttering and ensuring everything has a place and purpose that I'm able to maintain an organised home.

In recent years my husband and I have purchased, renovated and sold a home every 12-18 months, [our friends and family think we're crazy but that's another story!] plus relocated from Auckland to Melbourne. For each of these homes I have solely project managed all aspects of the buying, selling and renovation process including home staging, redecorating, packing and moving. My eye for detail means nothing goes unnoticed and we have consistently achieved top sales prices with our presentation methods.

I have a knack for bringing a fresh perspective to problems. In my career as a Supply Chain specialist I was constantly involved in re-engineering processes to streamline and improve efficiency. In our own homes, I have re-purposed rooms replacing sterile billiards/sports room with a warm and cosy formal lounge.

Many people wait until they decide to sell or move before getting their home in order. However, we all deserve to live and work in an organised, calm and inspiring environment.

Let me take the overwhelm and frustration out of getting organised and call me today!